When Power Matters

G4X is a unique supplement that enhances any overall performance and efficiency.



G4X has been proven to show an increase in Horsepower by just adding the product to your scheduled oil change.This horsepower can be attributed to the reduction in friction and the cool motor temperatures. The horsepower gain is about the equivalent of a port and polish, with 90% less cost.With the extreme environment that a racing motor will endure, the added protection of G4X will enhance most of all motor operations.

Engine Protection

G4X forms a molecular bond to the metal surface and does not use harmful additives such as Teflon, Silicon, Zinc, Molys, Graphite or any other solids.DRY STARTS: Significant engine wear comes from the initial dry start after an engine has been shut off for an extended period of time and the oil is no longer protecting the metal surfaces. Once G4X bonds to the metal, it remains there providing constant protection. REJUVENATED SEALS: Not only does G4X protect the internal metal surfaces of your engine, but it also rejuvenates seal life, protecting the motor from overheating in the event of a cooling failure.


Conventional motor oils have a certain limit in which they can no longer provide lubrication because the friction is so great. Once G4X has been added the failing point of these oils has been shown to increase more than 500%. This causes a tremendous reduction in friction. This will equate to less metal wear, better fuel economy and capturing the wasted Horsepower that is lost due to friction.The properties of G4X allow it to be used with all blends and types of recommended oils. G4X meets or exceeds viscosity ranges and tolerances of recommended oils.